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Saba 50 Fountaine Pajot

Rent  Saba 50 Fountaine Pajot Catamaran - Sardinia - Corsica - Amalfi Coast - Pontine Islands - Aeolian Islands - Capri

The Saba 50 continues to garner optimal acclaim throughout the world for sailing vacations, Luxury styling, choice of spacious living areas, and outstanding offshore performance. This  fountaine-pajot catamaran represents one of the last designs suitable for the charter, ideal to share the joy of spending relaxing holidays on sailing boat, with the comfort of the crew, consisting of Captain, Skipper and Hostess.

Layout Saba 50 Fountaine Pajot


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Lagoon 450

Rent Lagoon 450 catamaran in mediterranean sea and italy Islands

Lagoon 450 A model that fully reflects the soul of the Lagoon shipyard. Comfortable boat, both above and below, and easy to drive

Rental Lagoon 450 sailboat Catamaran available for Elba island - Sardinia - Corsica - Aeolian Islands - Ponza, Sicily, Ischia, Capri, Amalfi Coast, recommended especially for those who love to sail with family or friends.

Layout Lagoon 450 Catamaran

Lagoon 450 Layout

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Lagoon 620

Rent Lagoon 620 catamaran in mediterranean sea and italy Islands Sardinia, Corsica, Ponza, Amalfi, Aeolian Islands, Sicily, Amalfi Coast

Lagoon 620 luxury charter in mediterranean sea and italy islands. Lagoon 620, her new layout has opened up more living space below deck, allowing you to enjoy your time aboard in total luxury.

Lagoon 620 Catamaran also offers huge living areas:

wide salon brightened by the windows with sea view, two sofas, dining table, separate galley. The 4 double cabins for up to 8 guests have their own ensuite toilet each, all with double bed. All the cabins are equipped with air conditioner.

Crew members: Captain, Chef, Hostess

Layout Lagoon 620

Lagoon 620 Layout

Thursday, 18 May 2017 08:59

Crew Profile

The commander

Captain Mario: Italian class '63 thirty years experience, Specializations: ocean and Mediterranean Sea charter Licenses Italian Charter Commander - English yacht Charter Commander. Training courses: blsd apnea, sub, sommelier. not smoker.

He started to racing sail on small catamarans in 1985,  cruising sailing on catamarans since 1990, his current hobbies Aeronautical pilot of gliders and  racing sail, accurate weather programmer can always stay in the right place at the right time, Favoring the Guests preferences according to their requests; Mario knows every corner of the Mediterranean Sea and Sagaponack Catamaran where he carries out careful maintenance and optimization to offer a quality on board cruise  the top of the range.

Chef Leide: The on board kitchen is the territory of the Brazilian Chef Leide. Graduated from Italian Federation cooks, twenty years experience on charter boats; Dishes mostly of Italian cuisine - Sicilian Sardinian and Parthenopean regional cuisine with hints of Northern European cuisine. Meals for lunch and dinner are prepared  with fresh ingredients of the best available quality are purchased locally every 2 days on customer preferences. Typical pasta dishes with fish, crustaceans, seconds with meat and fish, Rich starters, aperitifs and desserts prepared with chef's fantasy . Leide, has a contagious smile and has a careful and patient observer of the needs of the guests especially of the children. She does not smoke.

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Catamaran Photo Gallery

Privilege 585

Privilege 47

Lagoon 500

Discover with Sagaponack Charter Catamaran the emotions of a sailing catamaran charter week along the Corsica (France Island).

Corsica, such as Sardinia offers an exclusive position the center of the Mediterranean, uncontaminated crystal clear waters, ideal for a charter sailing catamaran.
The bases of our catamarans charter cruise in Corsica leave from Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio two perfect villages to start a vacation in catamaran.

Special Selection Rent Catamarans Corsica in july 2018 

Two different catamarans available to rental in Corsica in july 2018 price in euro, week rate all incluted except food fuel and ports

Privilege 585 Catamaran  1 Skipper + 1 Hostess 


Price  for Person (for a group of 10 persons) 7 Days

Privilege 47 Catamaran Amazonas 1 Skipper


Price  for Person (for a group of 8 persons) 7 Days

Corsica Sailing itinerary

Corsica Cruise may have different routes both very beautiful and exciting: From Bonifacio you can immediately navigate to west, meeting the sometimes rocky bays sometimes with long white beaches, most accessible only by boat. The breathtaking sites one another day after day, a few miles one from another, for example, the Gulf of ventilegne with the beautiful beach of tuna, and the landscape of "cala conca" with Senetosa basin, beautiful historic town of Ajaccio capital of Corsica. Further on the subject of shingle and girolata, this is the turning point for those who do not have much time for the holidays and want to concentrate on top of the Mediterranean in about sixty miles.

Sailing always to Bonifacio and for those who want navigate and just wants to concentrate his boat cruise in a small area but full of bays, considered among the most beautiful in the world, we head east towards of the three French islands that make part of the park of Bonifacio: Lavezzi and Cavallo Isola Piana, these islands are only a few minutes sailing from another group, sought after islands of the park of La Maddalena: Razzoli, Budelli Sant Mary. At the center of these three islands will find a turquoise sea with shallow water near only accessible from a catamaran or motor yacht. This piece of heaven is called "the mantle of Our Lady" to exalt the extraordinary and luminous beauty.





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Amalfi Coast Charter

Amalfi Luxury Charters - Expert Advice on Best Catamarans‎.

The Amalfi Coast is an incomparable beauty, a natural paradise. In fact it is one of the 50 Italian sites that UNESCO has declared "World Heritage site", a perfect place destination to spend a sailing holiday on catamaran lulled by the blue of the sea suspended between reality and dream.

Sagaponack Charter invites you to discover the amalfi coast charter, destination that offers tourists different possibilities:

The beaches are a veritable paradise. The view from our magnificent catamarans offers, in fact, an indescribable spectacle.

Your routes are ideal for those who prefer the nature and offer the opportunity to walk along the many paths that overlook the coast.

The best time to spend a sailing holiday on the Amalfi Coast is certainly from April to June, when the spring " exploded " and all the awaken from the " numbness ", typical in the cold months. The sun is warm, and already you can allow the first dip in the sea, away from the crowds.

If you love the nightlife and parties, the months of July and August, make for you! These months are known for their concerts and festivals. But even at this time, you can totally relax, you know that being in boat you can still escape in solitude, reaching secret coves of the Amalfi coast uncrowded by mass tourism.

Thursday, 12 January 2017 09:49

Catamaran IONIAN GREECE Greek Islands

Charter Ionian Greece and the Greek Islands of the Aegean Sea, perfect destination for a month to add more to your summer in the Mediterranean.

Do you like the sweet summer sun and wind caress your skin?

Spend the nights in the boat under the stars with your favorite food and drinks?

Sailing between an island and the other to the discovery of new landscapes local cultures and ancient ruins?

Book your holidays on board in our splendid catamarans in Greece, And for a service always at the top choose the rental service Catamaran in Greece with Crew.

The Mediterranean is the sea for you... but like all beautiful things hard too little June July August September months beautiful but if we wanted to extend a little vacation.... Or for any reason we can't give us the right relaxing break in these months,

What do we do? "Greece"

and you reach over a month of your summer....

From the Ionian Greece to the Aegean Sea, in fact, the conditions of the Mediterranean are optimal for the sailing from April to November: wind and calm sea backdrop to your holiday. The hills embrace beautiful bays where the water is so clear, to make it look like the boats are floating  in the air.

Choosing the rental service catamaran in Greece is definitely a choice satisfying and relaxing, with full days of sun even in October and November and nights at the still in sheltered natural ports. Starting from the island to the north, Corfu, where you can get easily thanks to the international airport that connects directly to the main European Capitals, we head towards the south, meeting so many wonderful islands, difficult to chose witch is the most beautiful:

Corfu, paxos, lefkas, Ithaca, kefalonia, zakynthos, to name but a few of the ionian Greece

kythira Eelafonisi and the coast of the peloponnese lovely bridge to the aegean sea, Paros Naxos Mykonos Milos Ios Santorini... a lot of islands just to name a few To give in to the calm rhythms and welcoming of the Greeks and much more!

sail catamaran egeo

Nature, crystal clear sea, history and archeology: these are the elements that, next to the deli and the folklore of Greece, and make a catamaran sailing holiday an unforgettable experience. In Greece, the tourists are always welcome guests, but if the warmth joins crystal clear sea, history and archeology enjoyed aboard a beautiful catamaran the vacation becomes an unforgettable experience. Us this weather opportunity there is no let's run away call us for a custom itinerary and we will share the last rays of the sun.

Sailing Catamaran Greece strengths:

  1. Protected bays,
  2. Small restaurant on the beach,
  3. Crystal Clear and warm sea
  4. Free marinas
  5. Low costs.
Wednesday, 11 January 2017 16:11

Video Gallery

Holidays in September: Here the best destinations!

September means the same thing for the majority of people: time to get back to work! For others September is the best moment of the year to spend a holiday on a sailboat or on a catamaran; the number of those who choose the “smart holidays” is increasing more and more every year because this choice takes lot of benefits. A September sailboat vacation is a lot cheaper, you have the possibility to choose destinations that otherwise on August would be very chaotic.

Here the best destinations for a off season sailboat holiday.

The keyword for this time of the year is “relax”: Islands like Sicily and Sardinia are now free from the July-August chaos; the Amalfi Coast and the Aeolian Islands are the ideal destination in September, the weather is nice and the caves are even more beautiful thanks to the less boat-crowded coasts. The beaches of the Maddalena Archipelago offer breathtaking views all year long. Here’s how to plan your off-season sailboat holiday and what you must see:

Maddalena Archipelago – SARDINIA: September is on of the best time of the year for a sailboat holiday in Sardinia. Throughout this month the coasts are free of the giant number of boats that are usually docked there during August; this way you are able to enjoy the undisputed beauty of these places. This amazing archipelago offers a nice weather until October, the sunny days assure you a very relaxing holiday. The must-see beaches in Sardinia are: Pink Beach of Budelli, Cala Coticcio in Caprera, Cala Corsara, Isola di Spargi and of course Maddalena Island.

Aeolian Islands and Sicily: With its mediterranean weather the amazing Sicily offers an ideal climate for a sailboat holiday: usually during this month it’s almost 28° Celsius, perfect weather for nice swims and relaxing sunbathing sessions. Among the Sicilian coasts, including the Aeolian Islands, there are lots of places to visit. Ideal destination to spend 15 days.

Amalfi Coast – CAMPANIA: The Amalfi Coast, and all the coasts of Cilento, Capri, Ischia and Procida offer fairytales-like places to visit. Undoubtedly a pearl among the September sailboat holidays destinations. In September the weather is nice, the beaches are less crowded and you can enjoy amazing views at anchor. The must-see beaches around here are: Duoglio Beach in Amalfi, Collata in Cetara, Cavallo Morto in Maiori and the beach of Castiglione.

Elba Island – Tuscan Archipelago: The Island of Elba is the biggest of the tuscan archipelago. Exploring it in September means enjoying a really nice weather, the ideal for those who want to see the wonders of the island in full relax. This island offers many types of beaches: thin sand beaches, big beaches to relax and gravel beaches. Impossible not to mention the rocky caves, that you can fully enjoy from the sailboat on anchor. Wild coasts for those who like quiet, like Chiessi, Patresi and Capo Sant’Andrea.

3 good reasons to choose a sailboat holiday:

1. Discover a giant amount of beaches only reachable by sailboat.

2. Be free to be on the beach all day long.

3. Enjoy the silence of the sea and the wind on the skin.

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Aeolian Islands Sailing holidays

Book now a Aeolian Islands sailing vacation on board our sailboats or catamarans 

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