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Ponza Charter

The Pontinian Islands are one of the archipelagos most frequented by Italian charters. Departures to the charter Ponza leaving from circeo or Neptune are an hour's drive from the capital Rome,  because of the proximity to Rome many tourists choose the Pontinian islands charter, because it easily accessible even just for the week end.

In fact, these islands, because of their proximity to Rome, offering an unbelievably clear sea , and bays with caves where one can anchor the boat safely and spend a vacation in total relaxation.

The evening of boarding to Palmarola or Ponza at sunset, now off, you can taste the aperitif on the open sea offers a unique of its kind: the catamaran cradled by the sea , in the silence of sailing navigation, good music and the mythical cocktail of our chef on board.

Navigation proceeds slowly, to these magical volcanic islands Palmarola and Ponza, which slowly appear on the bow of the boat. Time passes and behold dinner combined with a pleasant wine cellar on board.  You can enjoy  dinner while the catamaran slowly slips into the bay where you will be able to sleep under the stars.

In the morning you wake up in the paradise cradled by an almost imperceptible movement of the catamaran and seagulls that sail on the high and colorful coasts. Lovely bays in this archipelago are many and mostly well protected the reason why so many cruise passengers spend long periods on the boat in the summer.
The days pass slowly between a swim in crystal clear bays, a trip to the caves, and excursions on the island for supplies and a taste of the local specialties.
The islands Palmarola Zannone  offers a panoramic walk to Robinson Crusoe while Ponza and Ventotene offer all tourist services with the islands fishermen atmosphere.


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Sardinia Charter Italy Vacations

Boat Rental Sardinia to spend a luxury Charter Vacations in Sardinia.

Sardinia is the destination of many routes Sagaponack Charter, shipments are made in the northern port between Porto Cervo and Santa Teresa di Gallura or directly in Corsica.
The boarding takes place at 18 on Sunday can happen in port or depending on the situations ,directly in the bay using the powerful support tender.
The guests are welcomed by the captain and chef with an aperitif and accomodated to their cabins ,you can dine on board or in a picturesque local Sardinian. The Sardinian cuisine and very good and deserves at least one dinner ashore to taste the local specialties .
The morning after the breakfast, you will reach the place chosen for a morning swim, the destination of where you decide to go is decided with the guests and the prevailing wind. The morning is devoted to bathrooms and trips around the coast with the boat, _ after lunch on board or in the chosen destination, we start in the afternoon, to destinations chosen where we will stop for the night. Entertainment dinner drinks and evenings spent watching the stars if you choose to stay in the Catamaran, or walk around the coast
The next day depart with the morning wind and pampered by crew that will take you to the places most enchanting;
The days pass between swim, aperitifs and dinners at sunset, and visit the many fantastic bays of Sardinia.

Charter North Sardinia in luxury sailboat or motor yacht Charter.


Exclusive Last minute America's Cup World Series 2013 program April 16 to 21 in Naples , italy will be the only European stop of the Americas Cup. Do not miss the show's most exciting racing catamarans seen from the sea aboard our catamaran and with the opportunity to enjoy a nice trip to Capri, Ischia, Procida, Positano, Amalfi coast only a few places available.

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Capri Charter - Italy Capri yacht charter

Italy Capri Yacht Charter | Capri Charter

The flegree Islands are  a nice area for charter Capri from April to October. The beautiful islands in this part of the Mediterranean sea  attracts tourism from all over the world  hotels and yacht charters are: Capri, Ischia, Procida and the beautiful Amalfi coast. These islands are located near the Gulf of Naples, just in the south of the charter area of the Pontian islands that includes : islands of Ponza and Ventotene Palmarola Zannone.

The ideal holidays to navigate and explore this wonderful route charter is a week for the islands of Capri Ischia Procida Positano and Amalfi coast. A great idea for your Charter Capri is to extend the catamaran vacation in two weeks and navigate the yacht sailing to the pontinian islands. The nautical base  for weekly charter rental is  in Naples, but it can be possible  for two weeks, infact it’s possible to rent a charter one way between the two international airports : Roma Fiumicino - Naples embarking on catamarans near the airport Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino Ostia Antica).

Capri charter itinerary

The Itinerary of this route is Palmarola sailing-Ponza-Ventotene-Ischia-Procida - Capri-Amalfi-Positano-Praiano-the Gauls - Sorrento-Naples charter.

A  sailing wonderfully  varied  and rich in his history and beautiful bays where moor surrounded by nature and tradition Italian cuisine. Absolutely not to be missed.    


charter capri catamaran itinerary

Charter Italy Capri / Amalfi Coast Naples, Procida, Ischia, Capri, Positano, Amalfi, Praiano, Sorrento

Charter Greece, a new service to spend your vacations and cruises to the Greek Islands in luxury Sailing catamarans.

Sagaponack Charter offers a luxury rental catamarans service with crew for sailing holidays in Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Spain and the Mediterranean Sea. There are many offerings that offer products cheaper, without sacrificing the luxury of your holiday in Greece. Our yachts are comfortable and fully equipped, our crew members are friendly and are able to follow you in all your travel needs. You can choose between many destinations of the Greek islands of Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Rhodes, Crete, Zante, to enjoy the sailing holidays in Greece. Our staff and our company has an experience of over 20 years, and it can support even in the choice of the perfect boat.

Charter Ionian Greece

Charter Ionian Greece: Preveza Lefkada, Meganisi, Skorpios, Kastos, Kalamos, Arkoudi, Ithaca, Kefalonia

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Sicily yacht charter

Sicily yacht Charter. One of the most beautiful and charming destinations in the Mediterranean sea, Sicily offers for the sailing fans, a warm climate for five months of the year. Making it a destination more and more popular for a yacht charter out of season.

The Sicily Islands is rich in all its facets, especially in its culture, art and unique mediterranean cuisine , this is the reason why every year, is a destination increasingly sought after for our sailing catamaran.

From the geographical point of view, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, dominated by Mount Etna, a giant among the most active volcano of Europe, this very feature makes its rocky coasts are truly amazing.

Anyone attending charter hire an individual or to the cabin in this region, is struck by her beauty, and by the locals always kind and hospitable with cruising boats.

The Sicily Islands most famous Aeolian Islands are known in addition to Ustica, Favignana, Levanzo, these beautiful islands are located to the west of Sicily and are just a short sailing from Trapani and Palermo, Palermo is home to major port for ships cruise and ferry and airport with international flights and charter flights from all over the Mediterranean and an excellent base charter alternative to the Aeolian Islands for a wonderful cruise sailing along the coast of Sicily.

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Mediterranean Charter

Sail Sagaponack offers catamaran sailing Boat with crew and luxury yachts in the most beautiful locations in the Mediterranean Sea. We are specialized in Corsica Yacht Charter, Yacht Charter Sardinia , Aeolian Islands Charter Capri, Ponza island, Spain Balearic Islands Yacht Charter, Yacht charter Ionian Greece.

The Mediterranean sea is a wonderful destination for boat trips and charter yachts from all over the world. The right choice for who want to spend their holidays by the sea in the beautiful turquoise waters and full of culture and history in a context of climate from April to October and tourist services of the highest level. Our recommended destinations in our yacht charter Mediterranean are: Corsica, Sardinia, the Balearic Islands, Ionian Greece. Italy between the mediterranean charter, is the destination that offers many different cruises: Maddalena Island in  north Sardinia, Elba islands Giglio Capraia; Pontinian Islands : Ponza, Ventotene, Palmarola ,  Flegree Islands : Capri Ischia Amalfi Coast, Aeolian Islands : Lipari volcano Stromboli, Panarea. Sagaponack for yours yacht charter in the Mediterranean offers a whole fleet of equipped crewed yachts available for charter. Our crews consist of yacht skipper and hostess security professionals, that  will guide you in the most beautiful bays of the largest archipelagos in Italian, and French, from Corsica to Sardinia, the incredible and little known island of Ponza, island of Elba, Capri, Aeolian Islands to the islands of Greece.

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the top destinations in the world for a charter catamaran for everyone.


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Corsica yacht charter

A French Island, very close to the center of the Mediterranean Sea and Sardinia, with a wild nature and many coves barely touched by man. Corsica is the perfect destination for an eco-cruise on a sailing boat; the sea is uncontaminated thanks to the Corsicans attention to nature, to the absence of major industries and to the geographical position in the center of the Mediterranean, far from the polluted coast. Corsica’s coasts are full of white and red rocks surrounded by white and deserted beaches. The green mountains and the deep gorges sculpted by the rivers offer a scenery of rare beauty, accessible only by boat from the sea. Corsica claims many ports and many facilities with international standards services such as Bonifacio, Calvi, Saint Florent, Porto Vecchio, Bastia and Ajaccio. The island can be easily reached by ferries and by scheduled flights to 4 international airports: Bastia (LFKB), Calvi (LFKC), Ajaccio (LFKJ) Figari (LFKF). The sun shines an average of 300 days a year, especially from April to October, making the Mediterranean summer the perfect time to rent a catamaran in Corsica.

In a cruise charter yacht in the south of Corsica, Bonifacio cannot be missed: sailing on a yacht you’ll be able to see from the sea this corner of paradise made of impressive white cliffs and the historic fortress town of Bonifacio, which dominates the area of the mouths. The port of Bonifacio is located in a natural cave, it offers a charming setting and it’s the destination of the most beautiful yacht charter in the Mediterranean, one of the best to stock up on tasty local products and to visit the picturesque town. Bonifacio is also the base of our charter sailing catamarans, the ideal start to explore the area of French and Italian ports; The Islands of Lavezzi, Cavallo, Piana, Budelli, Razzoli, St. Maria Spargi, Maddalena, Caprera are nature reserves where you can do snorkelling surrounded fishes still puzzled by our presence. On the east coast of Corsica you’ll sail by the course of Porto Vecchio, one of the most famous ports of the Mediterranean, a tourist destination of sailing boats and charter yachts that choose to visit Corsica every summer. At a few miles distance there are the famous bays of St. Cipriano, St. Giulia and Rondinara where the waters have blue to green deep colour tones. The west coast is the wildest side of Corsica, from Calvi to Bonifacio you will find "the most beautiful 100 miles of the coast of the Mediterranean Sea" a series of bays to enjoy mile after mile. In this part of Corsica there is the natural reserve of Scandola, a coast bordered by red granite cliffs that plunge into a sea of a deep blue. You can also find the Gulf of Porto deservedly classified by UNESCO as "World Heritage", the Gulf of Sagone, the Sanguinaires Islands, Ajaccio, the Gulf of Valinco, followed by a series of spectacular bays, cliffs and deserted beaches of various colors.

route Corsica north Sardinia

Charter South Corsica Porto Vecchio, Rondinara bay, s Giulia, Budelli, Razzoli, s Maria, Lavezzi, Cavallo, Piana island, Bonifacio, Figari bay

route Corsica tuscan archipelago

Charter Corsica Italy Itinerary: Elba, Capraia, Bastia, Corse Macinaggio cape, Giglio, Giannutri, Argentario



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Pontinian islands yacht charter

Pontinian Islands Yacht Charter: The Pontinian islands are composed of the following islands: Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone, Ventotene and are located  north of Naples and  south of Rome about 25 nautical miles from the coast. These islands are known for the dormant volcanoes and breath-taking landscapes. They  are mainly composed of  colors ranging from white to dark brown, forming a beautiful untouched landscape  and crystal clear waters, it is the most sought after of destination for those who love diving in the many sites proposed by local divers and for those who  spearfishing in caves and waters of rare beauty  or simply for those who want to enjoy the amazing waters with snorkeling.

Ponza is the main island of the archipelago of the Pontine islands, one of the exclusive destinations of the Pontinian Islands Charter holidays, the nature Ponza is also unique in its variety of colors and the various bays suitable for mooring boats. The port of Ponza is small and very quaint, the various bays are is easily accessible by dinghy from the famous bays of the pediment, natural arch very well sheltered from the prevailing winds of the Mediterranean Sea. Ponza is very popular in the summer months for luxury yachts, sailboats and catamaran charters.

Not far to the north of Ponza, there is  Palmarola that was  defined by Jacques Cousteau as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Palmarola is not inhabited; there is only one seasonal restaurant serving the yachts and charter boats, and the luxurious villa of Fendi. In the month of June on Palmarola there is the procession for the festival of S Silverio, the patron saint of Ponza: the boats of local fishermen join the boats on holiday on the island in a procession carrying the holy s Silverio at the port of Ponza to the sound of sirens and Ship horns.

To the east of Ponza there are three reefs teeming with fish,  and the island of Zannone, is a little more windswept, but with a calm sea, a swim  to the shore is possible, looking for some snacks offered by the sea, it is possible to encounter herds of beautiful dorado and shiny... maybe I use the round Zannone as a buoy?

Halfway between Ponza and Ischia, is Ventotene, which consists of a brownish tuff and was visited since the time of the Roman Empire. The port of 'Roman empire, is very small but perfectly protected, and has been carved into the stone by the Romans, to the north of the once Roman port is the modern port. The west side of Ventotene is a protected ecological area when diving is very popular. Another island to visit during your Pontinian Islands Charter, is the island of Santo Stefano which is located one nautical mile from Ventotene and is possible to visit a tour guida, the old prison once used by the Fascist regime for political prisoners.

In September Ventotene  the festival of the patron Saint Candid, take place this island hosts a festival not to be missed, a competition between paper balloons that are launched into the night toward the sea with a candle inside, the winner having lunched the balloon that travelled farther  a fascinating show in a picturesque location.

pontine islands charter itinerary

Charter Italy Pontinian Islands : Ponza, Palmarola, Gavi, Zannone, Ventotene, St. Stephen, Circeo promontory.


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Privilege 585

Rent Privilege 585 Catamaran, in the Mediterranean Sea, and italy islands a catamaran elegant and well equipped - the ultimate in comfort and safety as one of the catamarans more luxury and refined cruising catamarans.

Your needs will tend to settle by our experienced and friendly crew. Relaxation and fun is guaranteed with the many water sports and games available on board.

The Sagaponack Privilege 585 Catamaran is 30.50 ft wide, offering 1829.92 SqFt of outdoor and offer high levels comfort thanks to its empty weight of 66138.68 lbs. Convenience class security and speed are the strongest points of catamaran Privilege 585, is the equivalent of a 5-star hotel sailing, the beauty and uniqueness of this model catamaran is finishing at the top of boatbuilding unusual for charter boats and private to an elite private owners, the double cabins are 5: 2 queen size beds and 3 king size 2 extra beds for children, for a total maximum of 12 guests. English MCA compliant for commercial boats and the track of the MYBA charter offers a high standard of comfort and safety and crew and qualifications required in the charter luxury category to which it belongs. The privilege Sagaponack 585 is ideal for those who want to enjoy a top yacht charter at competitive and affordable.

Available Privilege Catamarans Rent in mediterranean sea: Sardinia - Corsica - Aeolian Islands - Pontinian Islands - Capri -Sicily.


Interior layout & equipment

2 Queen cabins 160X200 forward an central
2 aft cabin with two singles 90x200 +1 single 70x190
option aft cabins 2 singles bed convertible in super King size 240X200 + 1 Boys Bed 70X190
all with en suite heads & showers
(forward side Kitchen cabin assigned to crew)
AC in all cabins
46" digital tv full hd
Bose Lifestyle sound system with surround sound
DVD player with surround sound
Separate outdoor stereo system with 2 speakers on the bow
MCA registered vessel, full lifesaving gear including a defibrilator
and 2 life rafts.
13.5 kw generator
Also 7.5 kw generator
PV sunpower 2300 watt for quite anchorage
220v inverter 2.4 kw
220v inverter 5 kw UPS
Water maker 250 lit hours
Water maker 90 lit hours 24 V
Ice maker
14ft dinghy with 50hp 4 stroke outboard
snorkeling equipment adult ad children
Gas barbeque


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