Holidays in September: Here the best destinations!

September means the same thing for the majority of people: time to get back to work! For others September is the best moment of the year to spend a holiday on a sailboat or on a catamaran; the number of those who choose the “smart holidays” is increasing more and more every year because this choice takes lot of benefits. A September sailboat vacation is a lot cheaper, you have the possibility to choose destinations that otherwise on August would be very chaotic.

Here the best destinations for a off season sailboat holiday.

The keyword for this time of the year is “relax”: Islands like Sicily and Sardinia are now free from the July-August chaos; the Amalfi Coast and the Aeolian Islands are the ideal destination in September, the weather is nice and the caves are even more beautiful thanks to the less boat-crowded coasts. The beaches of the Maddalena Archipelago offer breathtaking views all year long. Here’s how to plan your off-season sailboat holiday and what you must see:

Maddalena Archipelago – SARDINIA: September is on of the best time of the year for a sailboat holiday in Sardinia. Throughout this month the coasts are free of the giant number of boats that are usually docked there during August; this way you are able to enjoy the undisputed beauty of these places. This amazing archipelago offers a nice weather until October, the sunny days assure you a very relaxing holiday. The must-see beaches in Sardinia are: Pink Beach of Budelli, Cala Coticcio in Caprera, Cala Corsara, Isola di Spargi and of course Maddalena Island.

Aeolian Islands and Sicily: With its mediterranean weather the amazing Sicily offers an ideal climate for a sailboat holiday: usually during this month it’s almost 28° Celsius, perfect weather for nice swims and relaxing sunbathing sessions. Among the Sicilian coasts, including the Aeolian Islands, there are lots of places to visit. Ideal destination to spend 15 days.

Amalfi Coast – CAMPANIA: The Amalfi Coast, and all the coasts of Cilento, Capri, Ischia and Procida offer fairytales-like places to visit. Undoubtedly a pearl among the September sailboat holidays destinations. In September the weather is nice, the beaches are less crowded and you can enjoy amazing views at anchor. The must-see beaches around here are: Duoglio Beach in Amalfi, Collata in Cetara, Cavallo Morto in Maiori and the beach of Castiglione.

Elba Island – Tuscan Archipelago: The Island of Elba is the biggest of the tuscan archipelago. Exploring it in September means enjoying a really nice weather, the ideal for those who want to see the wonders of the island in full relax. This island offers many types of beaches: thin sand beaches, big beaches to relax and gravel beaches. Impossible not to mention the rocky caves, that you can fully enjoy from the sailboat on anchor. Wild coasts for those who like quiet, like Chiessi, Patresi and Capo Sant’Andrea.

3 good reasons to choose a sailboat holiday:

1. Discover a giant amount of beaches only reachable by sailboat.

2. Be free to be on the beach all day long.

3. Enjoy the silence of the sea and the wind on the skin.

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Are you looking for a sailing boat holiday?

Independently from how you plan your sailing boat holiday, spending time on a boat will make huge benefits for your body and your mind at every age, even if you’ll not be able to feel it straight away.

What is a holiday without the sea?

According to recent studies, living on the seaside is a great cure-all for your health.
The water has the power to release chemical substances directly connected to your wellness:

1. Happiness: the sea has a relaxing power because it is able to activate the parts of our brain which are associated with the positive attitude, the emotional stability and the ability to recover positive memories.

2. Relax: living on the seaside can relax a tired mind. Being near the sea can really have a strong painkilling and relaxing effect; the sound of the water is a wonderful background to rest. We also relax our sight because the view is composed by tenuous colours and a flat horizon.

3. Health: Sea air is healthy. The experts recommend to breathe deeply when near the sea because the air over there is full of sodium chloride, magnesium, iodine and potassium.

The only choice you have to make is the view you want to enjoy every day of your holiday on a sailing boat; Italy offers the most incredible views…Think about white and golden sand, crystalline waters…an holiday with Sagaponack is exactly this.

Discover more looking at our charters:

Sardinia Charter: Wonderful beaches, turquoise waters, sand under your feet and the smell of the sea that reminds you you’re on holiday.

Corsica Charter: We have selected amazing itineraries all over Corsica, perfect if you’re looking for something special.

Aeolian Islands Charter: New itineraries and last minute offers to explore these amazing volcanic islands. Its wild beauty and uncontaminated nature make this archipelago one of the most beautiful of the Mediterranean Sea, recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

Amalfi Coast Charter: Very romantic and perfect destination for those who want to relax and sunbath looking at these amazing coastal views.



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last minute sailing holidays amalfi coast

Last Minute sailing boat holidays amalfi coast.

A awesome voyage along the spectacular Amalfi coast on a sailboat - beautiful beaches, picturesque landscapes. You can visit gorgeous spot every day, including Amalfi, Sorrento, Ischia, Capri, Positano and Naples. Picturesque villages, you can taste sumptuous fresh seafood and chilled out waterfronts.

Last Minute amalfi coast itineraries on a sailing boat

(week) Seven days sailing holiday in amalfi coast Boarding: Naples  Arrival: Naples

 Your sailing vacation begins in a cruises around the Bay of Naples, Ischia, Capri, Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento. Each destination will be organized excursions to fully enjoy these wonderful places.


Day 1 Boarding: Naples, cruises around the Bay of Naples, between green hills and clear blue sea. With its jaw dropping panorama view appealing to an abundance of tourists each year, you can see Vesuvius, the city of Naples.

Day 2 – Ischia is the largest of the islands in the Bay of Naples and is a volcanic island, rich in springs, muds, fumaroles and sands, In fact, on the island there are many thermal parks.

Day 3 – Capri this island is a short sail from Naples is regarded by many as the most beautiful place on earth so it is an obligatory stop.

Day 4 – Positano, the city Pearl of the Amalfi Coast, attracts thousands of visitors every year. All year long, the town is always full of people.

Day 5 – sailing to the famous town of Amalfi. It is a picturesque town, to visit absolutely (scattered with narrow streets, medieval churches).

Day 6 – Sorrento. You cannot visit the Amalfi Coast and not stop off at Sorrento, the heart of this magnificent Italian coastline.

Day 7 – Return to Naples.

Last Minute available.

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Last Minute sailing boat Vacation in Sardinia 


Sardinia during lastminute charterPrivilege 585 Sagaponack Catamaran 18 mt

Visiting Sardinia on a sailing boat is a wonderful experience for everyone (including families with children). Sardinia offers little islands and bays with turquoise and crystalline sea.

Last Minute Sardinia itineraries on a sailing boat



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Aeolian Islands Sailing holidays

Book now a Aeolian Islands sailing vacation on board our sailboats or catamarans 

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