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Pontinian Islands Yacht Charter: Pontinian islands are composed of the following islands: Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone, Ventotene and are located in the north of Naples and in the south of Rome about 25 nautical miles from the coast. These islands are important for them  ancient volcanoes and breath-taking landscapes. They  are mainly composed of tuff colors ranging from white to dark brown, forming a beautiful untouched nature and crystal clear waters, it is the most sought after destination for those who love diving in the many sites proposed by local diving, for those who do spearfishing in apnea caves and waters of rare beauty, trolling or simply for those who want to enjoy the amazing waters with snorkeling.

Ponza is the main island of the archipelago of the Pontine islands, exclusive destination for the Pontinian Islands Charter holidays, the nature Ponza is also unique in its variety of colors and all bays suitable for mooring boats. The port of Ponza is small but very quaint, and is easily accessible by dinghy from the famous bays of the pediment, natural arch very well sheltered from the prevailing winds of the Mediterranean Sea. Ponza is very popular in the summer months of luxury yachts, sailboats and catamarans charter.

Not far to the north of Ponza, there is  Palmarola that is  defined by Jacques Cousteau one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Palmarola is not inhabited there is only a seasonal restaurant serving the yachts and boats charter, and the luxurious villa of Fendi. In the month of June from Palmarola there is the procession for the feast of S Silverio, the patron saint of Ponza: the boats of local fishermen joined the boats on holiday on the island in a procession carrying the holy s Silverio at the port of Ponza to the sound of sirens and Ship horns.

To the east of Ponza interrupted by three groups of reefs teeming with fish, there is a Zannone uninhabited island, a little more windswept, but just that in the days of calm sea, swim in to the shore, looking for some snack offered by the sea , it is possible to encounter herds of beautiful dorado and shiny ... maybe I use the round Zannone as a buoy?

Halfway between Ponza and Ischia, is Ventotene, which consists of a brownish tuff and is well known since the time of the Roman Empire. The port of 'Roman times, is very small but perfectly protected, has been carved into the stone by the Romans, to the north of the Roman port is the new port. The west side of Ventotene is a protected ecological area when diving in high demand. An other island to visit during Pontinian Islands Charter, is the island of Santo Stefano is located one nautical mile of Ventotene and' possible to visit with tour guide, the old prison used during the Fascist regime for political prisoners.

In September Ventotene is the festival of the patron Saint Candid, this island is a feast not to be missed, held a competition between paper balloons that are launched through the night toward the sea with a burning flame, the player who goes farther a fascinating show in a picturesque location.

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Charter Italy Pontinian Islands : Ponza, Palmarola, Gavi, Zannone, Ventotene, St. Stephen, Circeo promontory.


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