Are you looking for a sailing boat holiday?

Independently from how you plan your sailing boat holiday, spending time on a boat will make huge benefits for your body and your mind at every age, even if you’ll not be able to feel it straight away.

What is a holiday without the sea?

According to recent studies, living on the seaside is a great cure-all for your health.
The water has the power to release chemical substances directly connected to your wellness:

1. Happiness: the sea has a relaxing power because it is able to activate the parts of our brain which are associated with the positive attitude, the emotional stability and the ability to recover positive memories.

2. Relax: living on the seaside can relax a tired mind. Being near the sea can really have a strong painkilling and relaxing effect; the sound of the water is a wonderful background to rest. We also relax our sight because the view is composed by tenuous colours and a flat horizon.

3. Health: Sea air is healthy. The experts recommend to breathe deeply when near the sea because the air over there is full of sodium chloride, magnesium, iodine and potassium.

The only choice you have to make is the view you want to enjoy every day of your holiday on a sailing boat; Italy offers the most incredible views…Think about white and golden sand, crystalline waters…an holiday with Sagaponack is exactly this.

Discover more looking at our charters:

Sardinia Charter: Wonderful beaches, turquoise waters, sand under your feet and the smell of the sea that reminds you you’re on holiday.

Corsica Charter: We have selected amazing itineraries all over Corsica, perfect if you’re looking for something special.

Aeolian Islands Charter: New itineraries and last minute offers to explore these amazing volcanic islands. Its wild beauty and uncontaminated nature make this archipelago one of the most beautiful of the Mediterranean Sea, recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

Amalfi Coast Charter: Very romantic and perfect destination for those who want to relax and sunbath looking at these amazing coastal views.



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Crewed yacht Charter Sardinia

Crewed Yacht Charter Sardinia 2020

Sailboat holidays Sardinia New 2020 We’ve been planning Sardinia Crewed yacht charters for the last 25 years, suitable both for the beginners (first timer sailboat holiday in Sardinia) and for those who already know the natural wonders of this Island and that the best way to explore is to do that by the sea.

Best Price Sardinia

For Summer 2020 Sagaponack Charter is happy to invite you to explore the wonders of Sardinia on board of its amazing catamarans; wonderful one week long cruises escorted by a skipper, an hostess and a full equipe that will make sure to let you have a relaxing holiday, to enjoy Sardinia in a unique way.

We have a new Sardinia Crewed Charter itinerary you’ll be on board of luxurious catamarans for a week.

A nice breeze and the northwest wind together with breathtaking natural views will make this holiday one of the best of your life; with friends or family you’ll be free to choose how to experience this vacation, sportingly or relaxing, yachting through the Islands anchoring under the stars or living the nightlife of the animated little towns of Sardinia and Corsica.

This kind of itinerary will allow you to visit the best creeks and beaches of the north side of Sardinia. Throughout this one-week Charter Sardinia you will discover some of the most amazing places in the Mediterranean Sea, unique beaches with pink and golden sand, submerged beaches that allows you to walk into the open sea. This itinerary is a perfect compromise between landscapes and natural beauties and the high historic value of the locations.

Spagi (Cala Corsara - Dune Baia degli Inglesi - dune baia inglesi - Cala ferrigno - Cala D’ alga)



Caprera (tahiti Cala Codiccio - Cala Napoletana - Cala garibaldi - Cala portese - Porto palma - Cala brigantina),


Maddalena (Cala Spalmatore - Giardinelli Testa del polpo - Cala capo ferrari - Cala Francese),


Budelli (the Pink Beach takes its name from the colour of the sand, which is given this colour from the coral fragments in it),



Manto della Madonna (wich takes its name from the amazing turquoise colour of the waters between the islands),



Santa Maria (Cala Santa Maria - Passo degli asinelli),



Isola Piana (Le Piscine, an island characterized by its semi-submerged sands that push out to Corsica, allowing you to walk “brushed” by the sea until you reach Corsica),



Cavallò (Cala di Zeri, you’ll have the chance to walk by the shore and to rest in the cove overlooking at celebrities houses projected by prestigious architects - Cala di palma Cala giuncu)


Lavezzi (first natural park of Bocche di Bonifacio, where you can dive through curious pisces; near to Cavallo it reflects its natural and wild beauty without any residence nearby) Cala Giunco , Cala Grecu , Cala della Chiesa,


Bonifacio with its white breath-taking shore and the historical little town on the cliff overlooking the sea - Cala paragnanu - Fazziolu.

crewed yacht charter bonifacio


We offer this kind of itinerary for a minimum stay of a week suggesting you to add few more days, exploring Sardinia by sailboat offers the chance to visit many little known but very beautiful coves, resulting in an amazing holiday tailored to the hosts. We invite you to discover where to rent a catamaran in Sardinia

For Information or Booking

The Aeolian Islands, are a pretty special place with their rugged and volcanic landscapes; the seven islands are linked by a vast underwater volcanic ridge from Mt Etna to Mt Vesuvius. The incredible variety of islands and stunning scenery, make that Aeolian Islands an ideal destination for a sailing holiday with views across the deep blue Tyrrhenian Sea; As a result of the Aeolian Islands volcanic landscapes, they have been UNESCO listed.

These islands are the ideal destination to spend a sailing holiday of two weeks aboard luxury catamarans. To spend Luxury Crewed Yacht Charters are the pinnacle of aeolian islands vacations.

Last Minute Aeolian islands 15 Days  including skipper

for a Max 10 Guests

0039 335406316

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Last Minute Aeolian Islands Sailing Holidays - 5.0 out of 5 based on 9 reviews
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last minute sailing holidays amalfi coast

Last Minute sailing boat holidays amalfi coast.

A awesome voyage along the spectacular Amalfi coast on a sailboat - beautiful beaches, picturesque landscapes. You can visit gorgeous spot every day, including Amalfi, Sorrento, Ischia, Capri, Positano and Naples. Picturesque villages, you can taste sumptuous fresh seafood and chilled out waterfronts.

Last Minute amalfi coast itineraries on a sailing boat

(week) Seven days sailing holiday in amalfi coast Boarding: Naples  Arrival: Naples

 Your sailing vacation begins in a cruises around the Bay of Naples, Ischia, Capri, Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento. Each destination will be organized excursions to fully enjoy these wonderful places.


Day 1 Boarding: Naples, cruises around the Bay of Naples, between green hills and clear blue sea. With its jaw dropping panorama view appealing to an abundance of tourists each year, you can see Vesuvius, the city of Naples.

Day 2 – Ischia is the largest of the islands in the Bay of Naples and is a volcanic island, rich in springs, muds, fumaroles and sands, In fact, on the island there are many thermal parks.

Day 3 – Capri this island is a short sail from Naples is regarded by many as the most beautiful place on earth so it is an obligatory stop.

Day 4 – Positano, the city Pearl of the Amalfi Coast, attracts thousands of visitors every year. All year long, the town is always full of people.

Day 5 – sailing to the famous town of Amalfi. It is a picturesque town, to visit absolutely (scattered with narrow streets, medieval churches).

Day 6 – Sorrento. You cannot visit the Amalfi Coast and not stop off at Sorrento, the heart of this magnificent Italian coastline.

Day 7 – Return to Naples.

Last Minute available.

Week May 

Week June 

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Last Minute sailing boat Vacation in Sardinia 


Sardinia during lastminute charterPrivilege 585 Sagaponack Catamaran 18 mt

Visiting Sardinia on a sailing boat is a wonderful experience for everyone (including families with children). Sardinia offers little islands and bays with turquoise and crystalline sea.

Last Minute Sardinia itineraries on a sailing boat



-25 % Extra 17/24 agosto: Sardegna nord - sud Corsica 

Special price week ferragosto 2020 (10/17) 2/4 persone call for an offer


call: 0039 335 406316

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 0039 335406316

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Last Minute week Ponza

Week 12/19 June Pontine islands on our catamarans

- 30% Prices  including skipper

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Last Minute Ponza Islands

Last Weekend May 27/29 Weekend in Ponza on our catamarans

- 30% Prices  including skipper

 0039 335406316

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Catamaran VS Sailing Boat

Catamaran VS Sailing Boat : Wich one to Choose

 Those who chose to spend their holidays on a sailing boat surely came across countless offers on the charter market. Seeing those amazing brochures of luxury catamarans and wonderful sailing boats probably popped out a question:

Catamaran or sailing boat? Which one to choose?

Those who are dreaming about a boat trip do not probably know about the differences between a sailing boat and a catamaran; just looking at the photos of both of them, exploring the rooms or the dinette makes you want to get on board and leave. But which one is better? Both crafts are usually mixed up without any kind of distinction, but there are instead many differences between them.

Comfort and stability or participation and adaptability?

The physical differences between the catamaran and the sailing boat make the latter, having only one hull, more quick and easy to move nearby the ports, to the cost of the comforts offered by a catamaran of course. The catamaran has two or more hulls (multihull) that make it more stable during the navigation, allowing a safe mooring without the need to spend money on port dues and enjoying the amazing panorama straight from the boat. A sailing boat calls instead for more participation and spirit of adventure: the narrower spaces on board make the experience an active group work.

Would you rather a holiday of relax and safety or an adventurous one?

The majority of sailing boats having one hull usually has just one engine. The catamaran with two hulls has of course two engines, one per hull. This characteristic makes it faster and safer; it also has a great stability, ideal for those who want a trip based on luxury and relax. When a boat is sailing against the wind it can be victim of a careening effect, an inclination due to the wind that sometimes can reach 30° or more. Of course the enthusiasts of sailing boats would be very happy, but those who are not used to the navigation, preferring a more stable situation, would rather be on board of a catamaran which can manage this effect better thanks to the strength of two hulls.

More privacy, more space (multihull catamaran) or narrower spaces (sailing boat)?

Last but not least there are the differences about the spaces and the comforts. A multihull catamaran provides bigger spaces, allowing more privacy among the people on board and the extra crew (for ex. hostesses and skippers). A sailing boat is more “intimate” because of the narrower spaces and a smaller group of people, ideal for those who want to give away a little bit of comfort to the benefit of a lower cost of the trip.

Technical differences between a sailing boat and a catamaran:


   Sailing boat Catamaran
Maximum number hosts:  12 12
Crew  1/2 1/3
Suggested number hosts 2/6 4/8
Previous experiences   relevant not relevant
Spaces on board   + 80 %
Speed     + 20 %
Careening effect   25° / 60° 5° / 15°
Children and elders     few limitations  not relevant
Activities during navigation  lots of limitation few limitations
Navigation and mooring comforts  low   high
Extra costs (gasoline and port dues)    + 30 %
Charter offers    high low


The Captain suggests:

Talking with the Captain when booking a multihull catamaran or a sailing boat is very important to choose properly. He will suggest the best choice relying on the group’s needs in order to satisfy your requests and expectations.

Explore the Sorrento Peninsula with sailboat or yacht Catamaran. 

Positano is considered a "pearl" among the cities of the Sorrento Peninsula. The best place to take a dip in crystalline waters during an italian sailboat vacation. Positano is a cliffside village located on the Amalfi Coast, in the South of Italy. This village is made of steep and rugged cliffs rising up from the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by a range of colorful builidings. Positano attracts thousands of visitors every year. The city is full of people all year long, that's why if you're planning to spend an holiday on a sailboat in Positano, it would be better to book your trip around the spring season.

Positano sailboat vacation charter itinerary tips:

Positano is considered one of the most beautiful locations in Italy, famous for shopping and mundanity. Along with Capri and the Amalfi Coast it represents one of the most beautiful places in the world. This is a relaxing and suggestive itinerary: the navigation is mainly coastal, especially recommended for those who's spending a vacation on a sailboat for the first time. We combine the Sorrento Peninsula sailboat charter with visits to Pompeii, Herculaneum and other destinations of interest such as Amalfi and Ravello.

Where can you board for Positano and Capri Charter in the Sorrento Peninsula?

For the charter in the Sorrentine Peninsula you can board from any Campanian nautical base. The best period to spend a weekend or a week on a sailboat in Positano goes from May June July August and September 2016.

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Capri Sailboat rental Holidays

Capri Sailboat holidays 

Charter Capri Images Review during Capri Island yacht cruises "Faraglioni di Capri"


Visit Capri section To find out more about how to spend your sailing holidays in capri, and know all the itineraries and informations about our charter Capri 




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