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Catamaran VS Sailing Boat

catamaran vs sailing boat catamaran vs sailing boat

Catamaran VS Sailing Boat : Wich one to Choose

 Those who chose to spend their holidays on a sailing boat surely came across countless offers on the charter market. Seeing those amazing brochures of luxury catamarans and wonderful sailing boats probably popped out a question:

Catamaran or sailing boat? Which one to choose?

Those who are dreaming about a boat trip do not probably know about the differences between a sailing boat and a catamaran; just looking at the photos of both of them, exploring the rooms or the dinette makes you want to get on board and leave. But which one is better? Both crafts are usually mixed up without any kind of distinction, but there are instead many differences between them.

Comfort and stability or participation and adaptability?

The physical differences between the catamaran and the sailing boat make the latter, having only one hull, more quick and easy to move nearby the ports, to the cost of the comforts offered by a catamaran of course. The catamaran has two or more hulls (multihull) that make it more stable during the navigation, allowing a safe mooring without the need to spend money on port dues and enjoying the amazing panorama straight from the boat. A sailing boat calls instead for more participation and spirit of adventure: the narrower spaces on board make the experience an active group work.

Would you rather a holiday of relax and safety or an adventurous one?

The majority of sailing boats having one hull usually has just one engine. The catamaran with two hulls has of course two engines, one per hull. This characteristic makes it faster and safer; it also has a great stability, ideal for those who want a trip based on luxury and relax. When a boat is sailing against the wind it can be victim of a careening effect, an inclination due to the wind that sometimes can reach 30° or more. Of course the enthusiasts of sailing boats would be very happy, but those who are not used to the navigation, preferring a more stable situation, would rather be on board of a catamaran which can manage this effect better thanks to the strength of two hulls.

More privacy, more space (multihull catamaran) or narrower spaces (sailing boat)?

Last but not least there are the differences about the spaces and the comforts. A multihull catamaran provides bigger spaces, allowing more privacy among the people on board and the extra crew (for ex. hostesses and skippers). A sailing boat is more “intimate” because of the narrower spaces and a smaller group of people, ideal for those who want to give away a little bit of comfort to the benefit of a lower cost of the trip.

Technical differences between a sailing boat and a catamaran:


   Sailing boat Catamaran
Maximum number hosts:  12 12
Crew  1/2 1/3
Suggested number hosts 2/6 4/8
Previous experiences   relevant not relevant
Spaces on board   + 80 %
Speed     + 20 %
Careening effect   25° / 60° 5° / 15°
Children and elders     few limitations  not relevant
Activities during navigation  lots of limitation few limitations
Navigation and mooring comforts  low   high
Extra costs (gasoline and port dues)    + 30 %
Charter offers    high low


The Captain suggests:

Talking with the Captain when booking a multihull catamaran or a sailing boat is very important to choose properly. He will suggest the best choice relying on the group’s needs in order to satisfy your requests and expectations.

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