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Amalfi Coast Charter

Charter amalfi coast Charter amalfi coast Charter amalfi coast

Amalfi Luxury Charters - Expert Advice on Best Catamarans‎.

The Amalfi Coast is an incomparable beauty, a natural paradise. In fact it is one of the 50 Italian sites that UNESCO has declared "World Heritage site", a perfect place destination to spend a sailing holiday on catamaran lulled by the blue of the sea suspended between reality and dream.

Sagaponack Charter invites you to discover the amalfi coast charter, destination that offers tourists different possibilities:

The beaches are a veritable paradise. The view from our magnificent catamarans offers, in fact, an indescribable spectacle.

Your routes are ideal for those who prefer the nature and offer the opportunity to walk along the many paths that overlook the coast.

The best time to spend a sailing holiday on the Amalfi Coast is certainly from April to June, when the spring " exploded " and all the awaken from the " numbness ", typical in the cold months. The sun is warm, and already you can allow the first dip in the sea, away from the crowds.

If you love the nightlife and parties, the months of July and August, make for you! These months are known for their concerts and festivals. But even at this time, you can totally relax, you know that being in boat you can still escape in solitude, reaching secret coves of the Amalfi coast uncrowded by mass tourism.

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